Tips for preparing for your appointment 

Donation Boxes


Go room by room and decide a destination for each item. We recommend having a category for donations, garbage dump, and items you're bringing to your new home.


You can choose your own packing supplies or we can bring them with us and bill you at the end for what was used. Don't forget the tape and packing bubbles!


 We keep our rates low by providing the labor portion of your move. You can book a moving truck through a local provider and we have no problem picking it up and dropping it off for you. Make sure you discuss your truck and packing supply options when you book your appointment 


Have your list ready and we will handle the rest! Please do not schedule other service providers to come during our time as it is can conflict our ability to move quickly and efficiently. 


Frequently asked questions

How much do you charge?

$45 per hour for cleaning, packing and moving All hourly prices are per person. Ozone shock treatments and disinfecting fogger treatments are .20 a square foot

Are you insured?

Absolutely! We are licensed and fully insured. We carry a 4 million dollar insurance policy to protect your home, workers compensation to protect our employees and we even back ground screen all employees to make sure we know who were sending into your home.

How far in advance should I book?

While, we always suggest calling as soon as you know you have a project coming up we can also be flexible. Sometimes we might be able to accomadate a same or next day appointment so it doesn't hurt to ask. The first week and last week of every month is always our busiest so if you need service during those times we definitly recommend calling in advance.

How can I make my appointment shorter?

We get asked this question all the time. Set the self clean function on your oven Have all items moved out of the way before we arrive Spray down showers or tubs in the morning before we come if you have excessive mold or buildup Please make sure the property has both electricity and running water

Can I request specific types of cleaning supplies?

Our crew shows up with a full stock of their own supplies. If you have certain things you want them to use then you can just provide them to the cleaner when they arrive.

What if I'm not satisfied with my cleaning?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you ever notice that something you requested was missed please do not hestitate to call us. We will send a manager out to fix the problem free of charge. (We cannot fix broken things, thorough cleanings do require enough time to complete, if you are on a budget please create a priority list so we can focus on your most important tasks first)