Please Use De-icer, Correctly

As I thought about what to write for this blog, it started to snow. Bingo… that will work just fine! Let us get one thing straight, Ashley wanted me to have this blog posted over a week ago. At that point I had no idea what to write. Mother nature had not helped me out yet. So, I can say with confidence that in this instance procrastination treated me well.

If you are not from Spokane, then maybe you do not know this, but it really does snow in February. Sometimes it could snow in May. You will learn quickly that there are two sure things in Spokane, every street has potholes and you cannot predict when it will start snowing. 

When it comes to the potholes, I have no help for you there. Now the snow I can help a little bit. The secret is use de-icer. Anyone who might come to your house will thank you. I know it can be funny when someone falls, but it is very dangerous to let ice build up in front of your house. When using it a little bit can go a long way. Putting too much down just leads to more being tracked into your home. 

Too much can be just as dangerous as not using any at all. Okay putting a ton down on your walkway won’t make someone fall but it can be dangerous for your home. If it is left on the floor it will start to dull the finish. It leaves behind an oily residue that will damage the urethane and wax finish that is on your nice flooring. The obvious is that it can be slippery and track dirt into your carpet.

If you let it stay on there too long, it can cause long term damage to both wood floors or carpet. It will draw out natural moisture in the wood causing it to splinter or it will cause dry rot issues in the carpet. Both of which can be very expensive. 

If that is not something you worry about it can be dangerous for our furry friends as well. Digesting de-icer can be toxic to anyone, but our pets are a little more difficult to tell them not to lick it. When it is tracked in the house and not cleaned our pets lay on the ground. This causes the chemical to embed into their fur and they have a higher chance at digesting it just from trying to clean themselves. 

Do not worry I am here to save the day! All of these are simple to avoid. It all can be stopped by just doing some simple house cleaning. Now obviously go ahead and just call us and we can do it for you or book online. Sorry had to do a little sales plug there. Seriously though, Vacuum often sometimes multiple times a day. Mop using a disinfector every day and maybe a few times in the high traffic areas of your home. Leave a broom near the entrance to sweep it back out side quickly to prevent it being tracked in everywhere. We recommend using floor mats inside and out to try and stop it from being spread everywhere. Now here is the most important and also the absolute easiest way to prevent damages to your flooring, TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF BEFORE COMING INSIDE.

Like always thank you all for taking the time to read this. Do not worry I will get better (I would assume). I will always be sure to add some sort of perk for reading what was probably pretty painful to get through. Leave a comment, follow our blog, or share the blog on social media and this time you will get $5 off your next cleaning. Listen this can be added to any specials we are currently running!

Till next time!

Chase Anderson


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