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Unlike the last one I didn’t want to keep my eager fans waiting. Okay that is not quite true. I just want to be better at sticking to a schedule with these things. Okay that is not true either. I am just excited to finally be able to write about this topic and what we have been doing. 

The unfortunate truth and reality is that cancer is devastating and has affected just about everyone in one way or another. Whether it be the saddening news from your own doctor or the troubling call from a family member to inform you someone close to you was just diagnosed, it affects us all. 

Last year they estimated that 1,735,350 new cases of cancer would be diagnosed in the United States alone. In 2019, it is estimated that 39,160 new cases will arise in Washington State. In our own backyard of Spokane County, it is estimated that on average there are 2,600 new cancer patients each year. When I saw these numbers my jaw dropped. It is sad to learn this. I know that most of us try to help in any way we can from donating money to donating time to help those in need. 

Therefore, we are proud to announce that we have decided to partner with Cleaning for a Reason. This organization is set out to take one less thing off someone’s plate as they go through the treatment necessary to get better.

Cleaning for a Reason has helped 33,000 women as they go through chemo. They have partnered with over 1,200 maid services and these services have donated about $11,000,000 in house cleaning to help take one less thing away for someone to stress about. Since the beginning Cleaning for a Reason has focused more on women going through treatment and as of February of this year they decided to broaden there focus and have announced EVERYONE going through treatment will qualify for free maid services. 

509 Packing and Cleaning found out about this great organization and we felt this is something we must be a part of. As a typical family there are so many things to worry about, throw in cancer treatment and nothing else seems to be as important. However, coming home to a clean home is possibly one of the greatest feelings. Families with someone going through treatment should not have to worry about things like whether the house is a mess or not. There are much bigger things to spend what little energy you have left on. We understand that and that is why we are more than willing to lend out an extra helping hand. 

This is how it works. Every maid service that is part of Cleaning for a Reason donates at least two free cleanings per month. Each family served will get two free months of cleanings as they are going through treatment. All they need to do is apply and fill out the paperwork and wait for us to call and set up an appointment. After that we focus on the house while they focus on getting better and spending more time with the family. 

For us to help as many families as we can we need your help. I know that not everyone can donate their time or money but, I can bet almost everyone has some sort of social media or even knows someone going through treatment. We need you to share this information. Help us reach as many people as we can in the Spokane area. Cleaning for a Reason is new to our city and not many people know about it. But it is a great organization that is doing great things to help and that should not be kept a secret.

Once again, I know I am not the best at writing these (shoot I am pretty darn bad) but if you are one of the few fans I do have please share this. Call it bribery but, hey whatever can help spread the word I am okay with it. So, if you comment, share or subscribe this time you will get $10 off your next cleaning. 

Chase Anderson


509 Packing and Cleaning

(If you want more information on the statistics here are the sources I used. Cancerstatisticscenter.cancer.org, cancer.gov, spokesman.com cleaningforareason.org)




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