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Hey, we know it's been a while since we've had a chance to keep you updated on our blog but with kids at home and one on the way you could say we've been a little busy! So what better topic to touch on this week than kids helping around the house?? Spokane has already seen some crazy weather this year and we're only just starting the fall season so I can only imagine how bad this winter is going to hit us. All of that time spent inside is bound to drive everyone nuts. Well here are a few suggestions for getting the little ones involved around the house and if these ideas don't help you can always give us a call to set up ongoing maid services in Spokane!

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Fun Ways to Involve Kids in Household Chores - Let Your Little Ones Feel Valuable

Did you know that by involving your kids in home chores you help in their development? Here is a list of fun and smart ways you can involve them in the chores

Having kids running around the house means mess! If you have little ones in your home, you know how crazy it can get. They not only create a mess but even make it difficult for you to get your household chores done. It is very challenging, especially when you have a busy schedule and get only a few hours to complete the chores.

We have the perfect solution for you. Why not involve the kids in the household chores? Think it’s impossible? You will be surprised to see the wonders this smart-technique can do! Here is a list of the most effective and fun ways you can involve your little buddies in your household chores and prevent them from making your home a complete mess!

Make an Infomercial

Looking for a way you can have fun with your kids and even get your chores done? Plan to make an infomercial with your kid. If you let your kids watch TV, there is a high chance that they know what infomercial is and they would absolutely love the idea of making their own.

Make your kid choose their favorite cleaning product, such as a spray bottle, a mop, or a duster, and ask them to create an infomercial. If you have more than one kid, you can let one sibling be the videographer and let the other be the actor. It will be super-fun and gratifying for you!

Make a Household Chores Chart for a Reward System

Do your kids love ice cream or any other snack that they would do anything for? Use their favorite snack as a reward for them completing the task assigned to them. Make a daily household chart. Add the names of your kids in it, set a goal.

Assign different, age-appropriate tasks for your kids and let them know that if they complete their daily tasks, they will get their favorite snack at the end. It is a smart way to involve your kids in your daily chores.

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Work as a Team

Did you know that kids love it when they are asked to lead? Try making your household chores a teamwork task and let your kid be the leader. Make sure that the task is easy and age-appropriate. Let your kid assign you tasks and choose a chore themselves.

Not only will it instill a sense of responsibility in them but will stop them from making things hard for you. By working in a team, they will learn the importance of collaboration among the team and the art of leading.

Turn Work into a Game

When you want to see a child work hard, make them play a game. By converting a household chore into a game, you motivate your kid to complete all the tasks. Turn on their favorite music, set timers, and see your kid complete the task assigned in a flash.

You can even turn cleaning chores as a treasure hunt and involve your entire family into it. Announce that the first one to complete the task will get a reward!

These are the three most fun ways you can involve your kids in your household chores. Not only will it take some burden off of you, but it will help in the personality development of your little one. Remember that appreciation and encouragement is essential. Set achievable goals for children and appreciate them when they complete them!

Don't forget that we're here to help!

if none of these ideas work and you're ready to throw in the towel just give us a call.... 509-381-6551... Our maids cover the Spokane area and the areas surrounding. We set you up with the same maid for each appointment so you always know what to expect from your cleaning. We can even help out with other things around the house like laundry and organizing. Our most popular choice is our biweekly maid service but we can do weekly or one time deep cleanings. Many of our clients like to book a big deep cleaning service so we can get the house into perfect condition and then it's just a quick maintenance cleaning from then on. As always we're super flexible though and love to help out. Book online or shoot us a call to get started. Cleaning Spokane up one house at a time!!

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