Step One

Remove the source of the smell

When we do an odor removal treatment we tailor each service to the specific needs of that home. Some smells are easy to remove and others are embedded into the walls, carpet, and all porous areas.  

The first step to exterminating a smell is to deep clean your home. This will remove all surface contaminants and prep the home for ozone shock therapy. Our maids will clean every surface top to bottom as must be able to penetrate into all surfaces of the home. Laundry piles or general clutter will be cleaned up and moved out of the way. Next, we will use a UV light to look for organic residue leftover such as cat urine. If this is found we will need to use an enzyme treatment to remove the bacteria and uric acid. We also suggest having all carpets shampooed prior to treatment.


Step 2

Ozone Shock Treatment

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Probiotic Fogging Treatment

During an Ozone shock treatment, we use Ozone generators to produce ozone by adding energy to oxygen molecules (O2), which cause the oxygen atoms to separate and temporarily recombine with other O2 molecules creating ozone (O3). This process occurs naturally by both the sun and by lightening.  

The ozone in a room is measured by parts per million. By raising the ozone to above 6 PPM we are able to remove odors and disinfect without the use of chemicals. 

Ozone (O3) attacks the cell from the outside weakening the exterior and destroying it entirely. 

Ozone shock treatments are typically used for odor removal, disinfection, mold remediation, and more. 

We can remove smells such as cigarettes, pet odor, messy tenants, human odor in enclosed spaces, urine or feces, curry, mildew, mold, marijuana smoke, skunk spray, food smells, gasoline odors, odors leftover after a biohazard cleanup.

Have you ever smelled the fresh air after a lightning storm? That's Ozone! 

With the use of probiotic fogging solutions we can eradicate smells and bacteria in an all natural way. Penetrating every space and leaving behind healthy bacteria to continue removing organic materials which can leave behind bad odors around your home.

Odor Removal