Extreme Cleaning

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Covid 19

Covid-19 Disinfecting

Proper disinfection is crucial to businesses and homes to prevent the spread of germs between people. We have many ways to help reduce the spread of illnesses in your facilities. 

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If you have a large space and would like every nook and cranny to be disinfected we recommend using our fogging service. With our machines, we can convert disinfectant into a fine mist and spray down every inch of your facility. 

This is being heavily utilized right now to eliminate the exposure of coronavirus COVID-19. If your building has been exposed to Coronavirus or any other quickly spreading illnesses we can use our equipment to prevent transmission

Post Construction Cleaning

The final stage of any new construction or remodel is all about the detail work. We know how to remove every speck of dust. Then we go through and find any spills and drips left behind by the contractors. It will look and smell brand new when we're finished up. 

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Junk Removal


In a typical eviction, the tenants leave behind garbage and a messy disaster. We can remove all garbage and make the home livable again. 


Hoarder Cleanouts


We can handle the hoarding jobs that most cleaning services won't touch.  We know how sensitive of a situation these can be so we'll work with caution to keep the items that are dear to you while disposing of everything else. We pack and organize as we go so you will see your home reappear before your eyes. Pair this with our ongoing maid service to keep your home from returning to a hoarding situation in the future. 

For all hoarding cleanups, we start with an in-person consultation. During your consultation, we will discuss what you want to accomplish and create a plan to get started. This often includes trash removal, trips to donation centers, organizing, deep cleaning, and advice on how to keep this situation from happening in the future.